Mrudhulasthisudha effectively relieves acute and chronic inflammation of joints and provides cure from pain and morning stiffness. A daily ayurvedic massage with Mrudhulasthisudha oil is recommended to prevent these kinds of joint problems because it helps settle Vata dosha.

Directions of Use :

Mrudhulasthisudha oil is to be applied topically 3 to 4 times daily.Gently massage therapy provides instant pain relief, relaxes stiff muscles.

Benifits of Mrudhulasthisudha Oil:

Now a day's Arthritis, Joint Pain, Joint Stiffness, Backache, Cervicle Spondylosis are more common problem. Saborub Oil is the best solution for all JointPains,gives faster relief from pains, improves mobility of joint, reduces inflammation easily absorbs in the skin and effects faster.


NOTE: Mrudhulasthisudha Oil MADE OF 66 HERBS.